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“The school’s curriculum provides a sparkling array of memorable experiences and rich opportunities for high-quality learning. All pupils enjoy equality of access to the excellent curriculum.”        Ofsted


Across the Springwell Learning Community and across all key stages the curriculum has been constructed in such a way that there is flexibility and personalisation in order to respond to the individual needs of each child, rather than the child struggling to fit into a one size fits all curriculum that is not tailored to their learning needs.  When constructing a holistic curriculum, consideration is given to the development of the whole child; their intellectual, spiritual, emotional, social and physical development.  Before any child can begin to settle to learn they need to feel safe, secure and understood and so emphasis is placed on developing positive relationships with the children.  The learning community works to the six nurture principles as a foundation for learning.  Developing literacy skills is a high priority as without these the children will struggle to access the curriculum and will become disempowered adults. Great emphasis is placed on pedagogic approaches as the curriculum needs to be delivered through engaging and creative teaching to engender curiosity, active participation and the development of the children’s own unique creative responses.

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Our Curriculum Policy / Statement of Intent (Click image below to view)




Click above to view a series of short films produced by ATL that highlight the principles that drive our Elements curriculum.



The aim of the bespoke ‘Elements’ curriculum is to create compelling learning experiences, using immersive approaches in order to deepen the children’s understanding, responses and outcomes. An emphasis of the curriculum is to develop children’s empathy and understanding of others, to engender tolerance and acceptance and over the long term develop positive pro-social behaviours and relationships. Improving confidence in literacy and in particular, writing, is a key purpose of the curriculum, so that the pupils can feel confident and articulate in this essential life skill.


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The ultimate aim of all curriculum experiences at Springwell is to develop fully rounded, confident, empathic young adults who have a sense of personal responsibility; who have a positive contribution to make to the wider community, with aspirations to achieve into adulthood  to fulfil their potential.

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