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Like everything at Springwell, our curriculum is guided by our vision and our values. Most importantly, however, it is shaped by our school mission. The practical steps we undertake to do this are outlined below.

Our Curriculum Model

Our curriculum is carefully sequenced at three levels.  First, whole school learning journeys map out the key areas that are covered in each subject as pupils progress through the school.  Next, detailed learning maps show the knowledge pupils gain in each subject, every year.  Finally, teachers’ planning details the specific knowledge that pupils gain in each lesson taking into account their different starting points.*

*Please note that we are in the process of updating our curriculum.  While this piece of extensive work is undertaken, some of the associated planning documents are still emerging or remain in draft format.


Our curriculum is our progression model and pupils are assessed against the knowledge and skills they are expected to gain each half term.  Progress is assessed through moderated work scrutiny, WOW work and teacher assessment.  More information can be found in our Assessment Policy.

 Our Approach

In the classroom we use a trauma-informed, instructional approach that integrates knowledge about adverse childhood experience, special education  and the way children learn. 



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